Through the years there has been a trend toward breaking up old family farms...

chopping them into subdivisions, small home sites, or "gentlemen" farms and thereby
eroding the rural nature and agricultural viability of the land.

Willow Brook Farms, in its small way, is attempting to reverse this trend.
We have reconnected properties which had been broken apart, piece by piece,
since the late 1800's.

Slowly but surely, land is being reclaimed which had been overgrown with trees and trash,
briars and barbed wire. Stone walls are being exposed and rebuilt...
pastures are being reseeded and fertilized...
fencing and farm buildings which fit the landscape are being installed.
In essence, it is being re-born as a true farm, and...

it is becoming home to one of the most magnificent animals in the equine world...




United Savers Association is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose
is to help preserve the family farm.... if and as possible in this modern world.

Willow Brook has been designated a USA Research Farm, and as such,
develops methods and exchanges knowledge with like-minded individuals and
farms in attempting to preserve a way of life which is in serious danger of
disappearing forever.